KNJ Food Franchise

KADIWA NI JUAN Food Franchise


To provide an alternative business opportunity for future Filipino entrepreneurs.

To provide new business opportunities relevant to the changing consumer behavior of the Filipino people.

To provide Value-For-Money Top Quality products to the Filipino consumers.

To provide promote local products and “Buy Pinoy” amongst the Filipino consumers.

Our Competitive Edge

Brand Building has been KNJ Franchise holding company RED Entertainment’s (Advertising Agency) core competency that will benefit the Kadiwa ni Juan Franchise all our Dealers and Resellers. Creation of an aspirational product / services that people would need/want/desire is our job.

GrafikPinas, our Advertising and Creative Agency with more than 5 years experience in handling local and international brands will be at the forefront in execution of the branding for KNJ Franchise.

Corresponding Content Plan and all design execution related to the brand shall also be implemented to ensure the long term success of the company.

Food Franchise line-up

  • Kadiwa ni Juan Convenient Store
  • Tea Ni Juan
  • jacko’s Burger
  • Chow Panda
  • Tuna Bites
  • Papay’s


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